8. Mai 2008

New Men line starts today!

"Yes...finaly!" One of the men outside will say that now ;) I know it´s been a long time now, since I made something new for you guys. But today I start my brand new line of men fashion. Beginning with the stylish T-shirts, available in 6 colours and as fatpack. They come with 2 layers (jacket and shirt). I also made 6 jeans in 6 variations, they are also available as a fatpack. I posted the fatpack pictures here, so you can see what you can get :) Hope you like them. More men fashion coming very soon ....

[KA] MEN *Reff* Jeans (modify)

[KA] MEN *Reff* t-shirts (2 layers)

[KA] MEN *Reff* Jeans each 120 L$ (FATPACK 600L$)
[KA] MEN *Reff* t-shirts each 100 L$ (FATPACK 500L$)

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