5. Juli 2008

New UNISEX Releases

Yes, right. Unisex. For women & men!! Hi everybody :) This time I made some new suits again and the best is, they can be worn by women & men, thats amazing, isn´t it ? ;)
Each of this suit comes with a jacket, a modify pants, a vest and 2 shirt options ( One is formal with tie and the other one is more casual without tie) You have a lot of options to combine this all, especially the women (or the men who like to experiment) : you can wear just the jacket with pants, or just the vest with a jeans, the shirt with pants, etc :)
Try it out ;)

Now available! [KA] UNISEX *Rity*
Colours: black, gray, blue, green red & brown
Price: 400 L$

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