15. August 2008

Fashionista wear [KA]

To celebrate my first skin line, you are all invited to the special Hollywood part on my new sim KA Designs Island2 !

DJ Kromus will be spinning hits while our special VIP´s will be walking down the red carpet and taking exclusive shoots in the front of KA Designs Logo Wall..Just like a celebrity. Discover Sl´s next must-have skins and enjoy the music!

Skins will be presented by the talented SL Supermodels : SerinaJane Loon, Mui Mukerji, Payton Heron, Poptart Lilliehook, Giela Delpaso, Tabata Jewell, Barbarella Fuosing and our wonderful VIP photographer Cherie Parker. They all will be modeling a dress extract from KA Designs Hollywood themed dresses line. 

If, in spite of the bodyguards, you ever get access inside the building, you will delightfully surprised by the VIP lounge. It has been designed exclusively for KA Designs Opening Party by the master builder and famous real life business woman Asri Falcone.

All members of the audience will recieve a gift bag wiht a limited edition of the brand new KA Designs Skins as souvenir of the event...

Sounds too good to be true? Come in! And remember one thing ..."Fashionista wear KA !

Landmarks will be sent out several times before 
the event. If you still have questions please
contact Patty Cortes or Kira Ahn in-world!

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