13. April 2010


skin sale 2010

Starting thursday april,13th 2010 at 12.30 PM SLT, all [KA] Glamour Skins and the V3 generation created by Kira Ahn will go on a final sale on single skins and skin fatpacks.

Single skins : 200 L$
Fatpacks : 500 L$

Visit [KA]Designs NOOOOW! :)

Remember: All items will be sold with Copyable permissions but they will NOT be transferable neither modifiable. We ask you kindly to test the free DEMO before purchasing anything. At the end of this sale all [KA] Glamour Skins and the V3 generation will NO LONGER be available in SL.

Yes, this will be the LAST chance to grab these skins. You have 3 weeks to get the skinlines before they disappear entirely from the grid. The end of this exceptional sale is fixed for may, 4th 2010.

Good shopping! And enjoy your new skin ;)

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