7. April 2008

Time for new rela.....actually not ;)

Today I made some very "springy" casual dresses AND it´s a very nice special too. The top has a flower print and comes in each outfit with a huge extra! The pants and the flexi is made of a leather texture. So,If you want to have this outfits you will also get for each of them (now listen !) 4 pants in black, white, light- and darkbrown with the fitting flexi skirts. Is that amazing? I think it is. I posted all 4 outfits, so you can see the different colours!

[KA] *Affee* (Is that JLo modeling for KA DESIGNS? NO, its me :)

KA] *Affee* yellow

[KA] *Affee* blue

[KA] *Affee* pink

All outfits are 300 L$. Hair by [Detour]

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